Souvenir • 3/16/2012 – 3/18/12 (one weekend only!)

Camel Art Space presents:


Camel Art Space’s last exhibition.

March 16th – March 18th, 2012
One Weekend only: 1 – 6 pm
Opening reception: Friday, March 16th, 6 – 10 p.m.
Location: 722 Metropolitan Avenue 2nd Fl., Brooklyn NY 11211
Directions: L – train to Graham Avenue

Artists: Hilary Baldwin, Nathan Davis, Gina Dawson, Rob de Oude, Eric Doeringer, Rebecca Goyette, Carl Gunhouse, Sara Jones, Todd Kelly, Peter Lapsley, Kerry Law, Joe Lawton, Calvin Lee, Geddes Levenson, Amy Lincoln, Rebecca Litt, Matthew Mahler, Thomas Marquet, Sam Martineau, Chris McGee, Ben Needham, Keri Oldham, Yuka Otani, Ted Partin, Joe Partlett, Lauren Portada, Jamie Powell, Babette Rittenberg, Christine Rogers, Ryan Syrell, Adam Taye, Julie Torres, Elisa Velazquez, Oliver Warden, Audra Wolowiec, James Woodward, Andrew Zarou

curated by Tom Marquet & Camel Art Space

Souvenir is an exhibition not of art but of objects which recall and refer to the work of artists who have exhibited at Camel Art Space. Artists were invited to produce a memento of their work, of the sort that might be sold in the gift shop of their mid-career retrospectives (or their multi-gallery show of dot paintings). These objects are very close to, but not quite art; things we wouldn’t stand in line to see, but might stand in line to purchase. Although the souvenir is often only the faintest echo of our experience, we grow attached to these objects in a way that is different from, but not necessarily less potent than, our attachment to art. It’s this attachment that makes us prefer a particular coffee cup in the morning. It’s this desire for a concrete memory that makes us take a book of matches, even if we don’t smoke. This is a show of objects that court that attachment, and are willing to forgo their status as art to get it.

After close to 3 years and over 25 exhibitions will Souvenir be the last exhibition event for Camel Art Space in our current location before we will open our new exhibition space called Parallel Art Space in Ridgewood Queens, at 1717 Troutman Street. Our first exhibition is scheduled for mid April and more information on this is soon to follow.

Thanks everyone and hope to see you at this last event and at our new location!