Tape w/ No Name • March 6, 2010

Camel Art Space presents:

(especially composed for WGA/Armory events)
•  Tape w/ No Name  •

Saturday 3/6/2010, 12 noon – 10PM
Opening: 3/6/2010, 6 – 10PM
Location: 722 Metropolitan Avenue

A collaborative installation of anonymous artists using tape as a means of installation, creation, or as a method to install, underlining the ephemeral spirit of tape, as well as of this one day only event. (also to not mess up the walls with nail holes since our next show will go up Sunday, the day after).

Tape could be used in various ways, it could be used to “stick it to it”, it could be explored for its contemporaneous line and/or voluminous qualities, it could be written with, added to, written on, it could be messy, clean, straight, bowed, loose, tight, wide, skinny, little or a lot, repeated, it comes in various colors, or..whatever one could come up with.. Anyway, the field is thus wide open.
The experimental nature of this spontaneous, collaborative effort will make this like a performance piece with a residual final outcome that we won’t know yet, and will only be able to be viewed once the bell rings and the ‘tape down’ signal is given at 6PM.

“No Name” emphasizes the anonymity of this experimental installation, creating the opportunity for artists to have their works not be bound by personal endeavor, originality and prestige. Works could be ‘added’ to existing works, creating a symbiosis of collaboration, all within the arena of lightness and play, not to be hampered by competitive strife and personality that could all too easily seep into group efforts.

The anonymous artists that partake could be Camel Art Space related or could be of non-ungulate origin.

Camel Art Space Will be open from 12 Noon until 10 PM. 6 pm – 10 pm there will be a WGA/Armory staying open(ing) event where the installation(s) can be viewed in its completed form (BYOB).