The Natural Order • September 11th – 20th, 2009

Camel Art Space is proud to present:

• The Natural Order •

A collection of local & under-exposed artists in the Greater Williamsburg Environs, on the effect of man in nature, & the affect of nature on man.

Artists include: Lance Langford, Becca Broughton, Peter Lapsley, Maria Kondratiev, Kylie Manning, Tatiana Peterson, Nick van Woert, Hilary Doyle.
Curated by: Enrico Gomez and Rob de Oude

Opening: Sept. 11th, 6-9pm. Through Sept. 20th.
Weekends 12-6pm or by appointment.

Camel Art Space is an Artist run Art space with a focus on current issues in Art within a non for profit work frame.
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-The Natural Order -

exhibition description:

What began as a casual investigation into the ‘current’ of Art Making in the Greater Wiliamsburg area quickly evolved into a reflecting upon the symbiotic push & pull of human and environment.
C.A.S. is proud to present, -The Natural Order-, a collection of local & under-exposed Williamsburg artists in conversation on the effect of man in nature, & the affect of nature on man.
Not merely a caption on the inconvenient truth of our looming carbon footprint, these artists dig deeper. They seem to mine veins of socio-political legacy & cultural artifact, endeavoring toward some core truth on the perpetuality of coexistence.
It seems natural in a time of continuing political fissure & economic erosion that the seers of our age would consider the wild, for clues as to role, connection & place with more lasting integrity. To this end, the artists draw from multiple and disparate sources of inspiration.  Examples include imperialistic, hierarchical ideology to the detritus of urban convenience to the spiritual modus of the ancients.  From parasitism toward mutualism, ‘The Natural Order’ considers equally the tocsins of that which we leave behind as much as the prescience of the trail markers ahead. ~E. Gomez